Get an acrylic nail kit available:

You can’t perform acrylic nails without an acrylic nail kit. In the market, you will be able to find different acrylic nail kit available for beginners and professionals.  Make sure which acrylic nail kit you are purchasing must have all the Essentials available.  It must be having nail Clippers, nail tip glue, acrylic nail tips, coarse nail file, acrylic nail dehydrator, acrylic powder, acrylic brush, bowl for mixing acrylic liquid,   monomer, acrylic nail primer.  When all the  Essentials are fulfilled in the kit is complete,  and you can start doing acrylic nails. 

Prepare your nails:

When you have the kit, now the time has come to prepare the nails. For it, the steps are as follows:-

1.First, you need to remove the old nail polish.  Nail polish removers are available in the market.

 2. Push your cuticles. You can keep the size of the nails as you wanted and there is no restriction imposed over it.

 3. Now you’re supposed to buff your nails. Make sure that the nails are even. It is important to buff each nail because it provides an acrylic tip with a grip to be on it.

 4. Now it’s time to choose the size and apply the acrylic nails with the help of acrylic nail glue. You will find different acrylic tip sizes, choose any of them and just press on the nails.

 5. The shape depends on the user. If you like the pointed or square shape, you can go for it. Just go with the shape at your convenience.

 6. Apply the dehydrating nail primer to the nails. This will let the mixture land for a longer duration. 

 7. Now get the acrylic mixture and quote the nails. Repeat the process in each nail and make sure to create a smooth base.

 8. Wait for the moment until it gets dried. Do not get engaged in any work that might disturb the acrylic paint you have applied.

 9. Finally, you are ready to give it a final touch. Give shape to your nails and apply your favourite polish. Keep track of each and everything and enjoy.

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