Running a nail salon or working as a manicure artist requires a lot of attention on the cleanliness and hygiene of your work equipment. Acrylic nail brushes are ubiquitous in most of the nail and beauty salons out there and thus, keeping them in perfect condition is quite necessary to keep your clients happy.

Unclean acrylic brushes do not have the same effect as clean ones and have the risk of breaking or getting damaged in the middle of your work.

If you are looking to enhance the service life of your acrylic nail brushes, it is important to regularly clean them and keep them in proper condition.

This article will go into detail about how you can keep your acrylic nail brushes clean and in top shape.

What will you need?

Here is the list of things that you will need to clean your acrylic nail brushes.

  • Acrylic nail brush cleaner
  • A ceramic dish
  • A cup of water, paper towels, soap, and cotton pads.

The Process of cleaning your acrylic nail brushes:

There are a number of ways that you can approach this.

  1. Add acrylic nail brush cleaner (monomer) to the ceramic dish and gently dip the acrylic brush in the solution. If the paint has dried up on the acrylic nail brush, leave it immersed overnight. Since acrylic nail brush cleaners contain acetone, it is quite effective in removing acrylic nail paint.

Now remove the brush from the ceramic dish and rinse it properly to get rid of any residue. Use a paper towel or cotton pad to dry your acrylic nail brush and you are good to go.

Alternatively, you can use a paper towel to clean the acrylic nail brush inside the ceramic dish. It is quite effective in removing nail paint from the brush. Dip the brush in the bowl and dab it on the paper towel to remove the residue.

  1. You can also use simple soap and water to get your acrylic nail brushes cleaned. Add soap or shampoo to some warm water and soak the brush for some time. Rinse the soap from the bristles using running water. Keep the brush soaked in water for a few hours and dry them using paper towels or cotton pads.

If your acrylic nail brush is developing clumps in its bristles, you can use a mascara or brow brush to comb the bristles of your acrylic brush to remove any tangles or clumps.

Remember that acyclic nail brushes have a limited service-life and therefore, it is important that they be cleaned regularly so that they can perform effectively when you are working. Ensure to regularly change out acrylic brushes if they have been worn out from extensive use over time as simply cleaning them won’t do the trick. Opt for a high-quality option when selecting acrylic nail brushes for your salon so that they can last for a longer time.

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