Nail Beauty


A Good Bath

Relaxation to your fingertips

If you’ve taken some time for yourself with a nice hot bath, your hands are ready! Otherwise, a bowl of lukewarm water with a hint of soap will be enough to soften your cuticles before taking care of them. 5 minutes is enough, but if you want to enjoy it longer then take a little more time. Just remember to dry your little fingers well before moving on.


Bye Bye Cuticles

And very gently, obviously

Once dry, push back your cuticles with a stick and cut those that have nothing to do there. Take your time for this step, because these fragile little pieces of skin protect your fingers without you even realizing it. You can then cut your nails to even them out and obtain the most perfect harmony possible: trust your discerning eye.


Your Nails Take Shape

In No Time

Now it’s time to get down to business and let your sculpting skills shine. A few trips back and forth with your file to get the shape you want and finally, the magic tool:  the cube polisher. It smooths, polishes and makes your nails shine. We wonder how we managed to live without it! Then apply a transparent base to prepare the installation of your varnish, and blow out a lot while allowing it to dry.


A Little Treatment To Finish In Style

Your nails may appreciate

Now is the perfect time to pop out your favourite hand cream. Insist on your nails and cuticles, they really need it. You can even finish with a small drop of nail oil for the perfect finish! Now give free rein to your creativity for the varnish: it’s your artistic moment.